Financial Services/Banks Customer Service Help

Banks and similar financial institutions play a huge role in not just our lives as individuals but also in our society as a whole. We rely on them for credit cards, car loans, mortgages and sometimes even insurance.

The sheer size of most banking companies means that they often have different contact information for different customer service departments. It can be quite a challenge to find the right number to call when you’re looking for an answer to a specific question. Luckily we’ve already done all the research for you. If you can name a financial institution you can probably find their contact information on this page. Scroll through the list below to find your bank/financial services institution.

Customer Service Phone NumberAdditional phone number
AccountNow Customer Service1-866-925-20-36Merchant Services: 1-801-559-33-20
Ally Customer Service1-877-247-25-59
AmeriCredit Customer Service1-800-284-22-71
Ameriprise Customer Service800-535-20-01
Ameritrade Customer Service1-800-669-39-00
Annual Free Credit Report Customer Service877-322-82-28
Bank Of America Customer Service1-800-432-10-00International Customer Service: 1-315-724-40-22
Bank Of Elk River Customer Service1-763-241-85-2224/7: 1-763-441-33-80
Bank Of Nova Scotia Customer Service1-800-472-68-42
Bank One Customer Service1-877-825-32-42
BankNewport Customer Service1-877-709-22-65Corporate Headquarters: 1-401-846-34-00
BMW Financial Services Customer Service1-800-831-11-171-800-578-50-00
Cains Customer Service1-800-234-22-46
Cenlar Customer Service1-800-223-65-27
Charles Schwab Customer Service1-888-40-39-00024/7 Access: 1-800-43-54-000
Chase Customer Service1-800-935-99-35Online Banking: 1-877-242-73-72
Chase Home Finance Customer ServiceNew Home Loans: 1-800-873-65-77Existing Home Loans: 1-800-848-91-36
Citibank Customer ServiceOnline Banking: 1-800-374-97-00Online Banking TTY: 1-800-788-00-02
CitiMortgage Customer Service1-800-283-79-18For a New Mortgage or Refinance: 1-800-248-46-38
Citizens Bank Customer Service
1-800-676-62-76Online Banking: 1-888-493-51-42
Colorado Credit Union Customer Service
1-800-828-22-74Lost/Stolen Cards: 1-800-264-55-78
Commerce Bank Customer Service1-800-453-22-65Merchant Services: 1-800-828-16-29
Countrywide Customer ServiceRefinance and mortgage: 1-888-683-64-05Reverse mortgage: 1-866-863-52-24
Credit One Bank Customer Service1-877-825-32-42International: 1-702-405-20-42
eTrade Customer Service1-800-387-23-31Outside the U.S.: 1-678-624-62-10
Edward Jones Customer Service1-314-515-20-001-314-515-32-65
Equifax Customer Service1-888-202-40-25Fraud Alert: 1-888-766-00-08
Fidelity Customer ServiceNew Customers: 1-800-343-35-48Personal Account Holders: 1-800-544-66-66
Fifth Third Bank Customer Service1-800-972-30-30Lost/Stolen Cards: 1-800-782-02-79
First Data Customer Service1-800-735-33-62 1-888-477-36-11
First Premier Bank Customer Service1-605-357-31-77 1-605-357-31-78
Green Dot Customer Service1-866-795-75-97
Harley Davidson Financial Services Customer Service1-414-343-40-56
Honda Financial Services Customer Service800-532-81-27 800-205-82-35
Household Bank Customer Service1-800-771-73-39 Outside the United States: 1-702-243-15-75
HR Block Customer Service1-800-472-56-25
HSBC Customer Service1-800-975-47-22 1-877-472-22-49
ING Customer Service1-646-424-60-00 1-646-424-85-25
Iowa Community Credit Union Customer Service1-800-397-37-90
Jackson Hewitt Customer Service1-800-234-10-40
John Hancock Customer Service1-877-346-83-781-800-270-17-00
Lincoln National Customer Service800-454-62-65
Mass Mutual Customer Service1-800-272-22-161-800-548-00-73
Merrick Bank Customer Service1-800-204-59-36
Merrill Lynch Customer Service1-800-637-74-551-866-657-33-23
Moneygram Customer Service1-800-666-39-471-800-328-56-78
Navy Federal Credit Union Customer Service1-888-842-63-28International: 1-703-255-88-37
Netspend Customer Service1-866-387-73-63
Ocwen Customer Service1-800-746-29-361-561-682-80-00
Oxford Bank Customer Service1-248-969-72-22
PNC Bank Customer Service1-888-762-22-651-888-762-47-27
Sallie Mae Customer Service1-888-272-55-431-877-346-27-56
Santander Customer Service1-888-222-42-271-800-877-46-96
Scottrade Customer Service1-800-619-72-831-314-965-15-55
Smith Barney Customer Service1-888-454-39-651-801-617-91-50
Suntrust Customer Service1-800-786-87-87Online Banking: 18003823232
TaxAct Customer Service1-319-373-36-00Technical Assistance: 1-319-373-45-14
TCF Bank Customer Service1-800-823-22-65800-343-61-45
TD Bank Customer Service1-888-751-90-00
Telecheck Customer Service800-964-94-90Fraud or Identity Theft: 1-800-710-98-98
TurboTax Customer Service1-866-888-24-02
Unemployment Customer Service1-877-872-56-27U.S. Department of Labor: 1-866-487-23-65
Union Bank Customer Service1-800-238-44-86Personal Accounts: 1-800-238-44-86
US Bank Customer Service1-800-872-50-651-877-838-52-87
Vanguard Group Customer Service1-800-997-27-98International: 1-610-669-10-00
Wageworks Customer Service1-888-990-50-99International: 1-262-238-40-00
Webster Bank Customer Service1-800-995-99-95
Wells Fargo Bank Customer Service1-800-869-35-57Online Banking: 1-800-956-44-42
ZeroDraft Customer Service1-877-821-94-781-315-455-93-76
Zillow Customer Service1-866-324-40-051-206-470-70-00

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