Customer Service Phone NumberAdditional Phone Number
21st Century Insurance Customer Service1-877-401-81-81Claims: 1-888-244-61-63
Aflac Customer Service1-800-992-35-22NY Customer Service: 1-800-366-34-36
AIG Customer Service1-877-867-37-83Claims Processing: 1-866-960-07-72
Allstate Customer Service1-800-255-78-28Claims: 1-866-621-69-00
American Home Shield Customer Service1-888-429-82-47
Amerigroup Customer ServiceMedicaid or CHIP: 1-800-600-44-41Medicare (Amerivantage): 1-866-805-45-89
Amica Customer Service1-800-242-64-221-800-234-54-33
Anthem Blue Cross Customer Service1-800-777-60-00
Asurion Customer Service1-888-881-26-221-800-584-36-66
Benefeds Customer Service1-877-888-33-37
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois Customer Service1-800-654-73-85Fraud Hotline: 1-800-543-08-67
CareFirst Customer Service1-410-581-30-00Technical Support: 1-877-526-83-90
Esurance Customer Service1-800-378-72-62Claims: 1-800-378-72-62
Farmers Insurance Customer Service1-800-435-77-64General Inquiries: 1-888-327-63-35
Geico Customer Service1-800-861-83-80General Claims: 1-800-861-83-80
Hartford Customer Service1-860-547-50-001-800-296-75-42
Health Net Customer Service1-800-289-28-181-800-522-00-88
Humana Customer Service1-800-448-62-62Claims Medicare: 1-800-457-47-08
K&K Insurance Customer Service1-800-637-47-57Canada: 1-800-753-26-32
Liberty Mutual Customer Service1-888-398-89-24Claims: 1-800-225-24-67
MassMutual Customer Service1-800-272-22-16Fraud Phone Number: 1-888-697-86-87
Medicaid Customer Service877-267-23-23Insure Kids Now: 1-877-543-76-69
Medicare Customer Service1-800-633-42-27
Mercury Insurance Customer Service1-800-956-37-28Pay By Phone Number: 1-800-503-37-24
MetLife Customer Service1-800-638-54-33Total Control Phone Number: 1-800-638-72-83
Nationwide Insurance Customer Service1-877-669-68-77Start a Claim: 1-800-421-35-35
Progressive Customer Service1-800-776-47-37Claims Grievances: 1-800-274-46-41
Prudential Customer Service1-888-778-28-88Prudential Disability Claims: 1-800-842-17-18
Safe Auto Customer Service1-800-723-32-88Safe Auto Corporate: 1-614-231-02-00
SafeCo Customer Service1-800-332-32-26HR: 1-877-564-47-72
SSI Customer Service1-800-772-12-13TTY: 1-800-325-07-78
State Farm Insurance Company Customer Service1-855-733-73-33Insurance claims: 1-800-782-83-32
United Healthcare Customer Service1-866-223-58-02

Contact Asurion Customer Service

Asurion is one of the largest phone insurance companies in the US, but this company actually has completely different beginnings.

Contact Anthem Blue Cross Customer Service

Anthem Blue Cross provides health insurance to millions of customers throughout 14 states including California, Colorado and New York. They

Contact AIG Customer Service

Formally known as the American Insurance Group, AIG is a massive insurance company providing a range of plans for health,

Contact Aflac Customer Service

Aflac or the American Family Life Assurance Company of Columbus was created by three brothers, John, Paul and William Amos

Contact Medicare Customer Service

Medicare is a government program introduced in 1965 to care for retired men and women. In 1972 the program was

Contact Amerigroup Customer Service

In 1994 Amerigroup was founded as Americaid Community Care, a company initially devoted to managing health care for children, mothers

Contact Safe Auto Customer Service

Headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, Safe Auto is a large insurance company offering comprehensive insurance plans to millions of customers throughout

Contact 21st Century Insurance Customer Service

Created in 1958 and originally called 20th Century Insurance, 21st Century Insurance is one of the oldest and most respected

Contact Liberty Mutual Customer Service

Liberty Mutual Insurance is the primary business of the Liberty Mutual Group, the second largest provider of property and casualty

Contact Humana Customer Service

Humana Insurance provides individual, Medicare and employer insurance plans to millions of customers throughout more than 20 states. They offer